Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Live Life With No Regrets...You Never Know Whats Around The Corner

A very good friend of mine lost her mother. What were the last words she said to her? I hate you. Moments later the mother died in a car accident. Live and love before it's too late.

5 ways to love your family:

1) say i love you just beacause
2) ask how their day was even if you just dont care
3) ask if they need to talk about something even if they dont seem upset.
4) call/text them for no apparent reason but to just say you care
5) let them know you're always there for them

A Little Intro...

Hey just want to give you a little information on me...

My name is Haylea Thomason. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I live in Idaho Falls, ID and I absolutly love to blog, scrapbook, ect. My interests inculde volleyball, singing, writing, and music. You're probably wondering what in the world my blog is about. Well, I am going to be posting stories, some personal, others not, and trials that everone faces. I have found this to be a great help in my life and want to share it with you. Sharing quotes and feelings and all sorts of things to help make life more tolerable and enjoyable.